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Woodenbox Products

Packaging made ​​of wood. Repeatedly borne paint for the highest quality gloss. Our packages are made for jewelers, collectors, producers of fine wines, etc.. Each product is made entirely by hand. Before hitting the hands of recipients undergoingtriple test quality. Selected wood, multiple layers of paint and decorating completion and first qualitymaterials allows us to present the highest quality product on the market.
We are making elements for board game, dice, game pieces, boards. We realize special orders for coats of arms, plaques, etc. Each product is made of wood. Dyeing and finishing using organic paints and stains
Products made of wood specifically for artists and the perfect ladies home. We offer our products in the raw. They are fully finished in terms of functionality. Recipients still decorate the box. Now you can decorate your living room, bedroom or kitchen details that no one will perform just like you.
Packaging made from wood. They are characterized by the traditional design. Hand-made package goes to local artists. Each package is unique. Decorations made with metals, chisels. Box at the end goes to the painter, where they receive the appropriate color. The products pass through quality control, three times, which allows to provide the original product, such as waiting for the recipient.